About the Artist

Tony Roko
From Factory Floors to Gallery Walls

Roko’s art career began while Tony worked on the line at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant.

Ford management recognized his talents, named Tony Ford’s Resident Artist, and commissioned him to paint murals in many Ford facilities to beautify these buildings and bolster employee morale.

Accolades & Awards

Roko’s signature portraits celebrate the human figure with vivid, brilliant colors inspired by Detroit’s industrial past.

Roko has painted commissions for Jay Leno, Lady GaGa, the Holocaust Museum, and was named Detroit’s Best Fine Artist by HOUR Magazine for 5 consecutive years.

Nurturing the Next Generation of Artists

Tony recognizes the role that certain key figures had in helping to identify, encourage, and nurture his artistic talents. This recognition was the inspiration that led Tony to found the Art Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, with the mission of “Fostering Creative Minds.”

Art Foundation’s vision is to provide art education and creative expression opportunities for youth in Detroit and surrounding areas, primarily focusing on engaging art activities for at-risk and disadvantaged youth.