About the Artist, Tony Roko

From Factory Floors to Gallery Walls

Tony Roko's professional art career unexpectedly began as he was discovered on the assembly line at Ford's Wayne Assembly Plant.

Recognizing Roko's abilities, Ford and UAW management named Roko Ford's Resident Artist and kicked off a plant beautification initiative in an effort to boost employee morale in production areas.

In the decades that followed, Roko has created pieces on factory walls, as well as feature pieces to commemorate Ford milestones.

Roko's role as Ford's Resident Artist continues today as he creates artworks that will be featured displays at the iconic Michigan Central Train Station in Detroit, at the center of the new Ford Motor Company Corktown Campus.

Roko helped pilot the UAW/Ford Visual Factory program creating safety walkways and designated aisle markings, now standard at Ford manufacturing facilities.

Outside the walls of Ford, Roko's reputation has grown as he has become one of the most recognized fine artists in the Midwest today, with a growing list of collectors around the world. Most notably, Roko has painted commissioned work for celebrities such as Jay Leno and Lady Gaga.

Roko's artwork has been showcased at several of the most esteemed museums, hotels, and restaurants in the Detroit area, including the Charles Wright Museum, the Zekelman Holocaust Center, and Detroit Foundation Hotel. His work has also appeared in numerous publications including Vanity Fair, Architectural Digest, Traditional Home, and GQ.

Through his use of bold colors and expressive style, Roko's signature works show the inspiration of Detroit's French origins fused with the Motor City's role in the rise of the Industrial Age.

Roko's artwork was the center of the rebranding effors of Atwater Brewery, with his work featured on more than 25 products. This rapidly accelerated the company's expansion into the international market and led to the company's acquisition by Molson Coors in 2020.

Roko has also been retained to create the labels and brand for a new limited brut wine produced in France called "Show Stopper," which will be available in exclusive restaurants and stores in 2023.

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